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Korea, the 10th largest economy in the world, has a sad and painful history, with more than 70% of the country destroyed by the 1950 war and millions of people dying. But now, 70 years after the war, it has become the fastest-growing country in the world. So how did Korea overcome the damages of such a terrible war and become an advanced country that the world praises and looks up to? It is education. There is a saying in Korean that education is a plan which spans a hundred years. Since education is a fundamental cornerstone of national and social development, it means that it is a big plan to look forward to a hundred years ahead. Korean parents lament what they haven’t learned, and sell their homes, sell cows and land to educate their children, and educate their children without eating or wearing properly. Uzbekistan parents will do the same. Because of the sacrifices and educational enthusiasm of these devoted parents, their children studied in the day and night, and even went abroad to study and studied to make Korea today. Korea is a small country. And it is a divided country that faces North Korea, and is always at risk of war. The land is small and there are no underground resources. The biggest competitiveness is only people. So, the importance of education is increasing. Uzbekistan is a country very similar to Korea. Culture, etiquette, and tradition are very similar. Ethnicity is also similar, especially language. The land is bigger than Korea, and the underground resources are abundant. If advanced education and systematic education are provided, there are endless development possibilities. The world is wide and there is a lot to do. Among many educations, language is the most competitive. No matter how good the translation machine’s performance is, and when its level is high, it cannot be replaced by people. National diplomacy, politics, and economy are achieved through language. GES is a Korean elementary school system that will become a school that teaches foreign languages ​​professionally. Students who study at GES will learn at least 6-7 foreign languages. Some say it is impossible, and it will stress children. But I believe. Uzbek students can learn Korean based on the Uzbek language, and English and European language based on the Russian language. This is an amazing competitive advantage only Uzbekistan students can do. We dream of having our children speak foreign languages ​​freely without the help of others or machines and work freely around the world. It will become the future and dream of Uzbekistan, and they will become global elites. GES will train global talents and train foreign language experts. This is our GES unique competitiveness.


GES (Global Elite School)

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송창섭 (SONG Chang Sub)